This just got real...

Yesterday, we signed the lease on the building.  This just got real. 

Real is the appropriate term, I believe.  

A lot has been happening since the last entry.  The scouting for the perfect location ended when we stumbled on this property.  It is a small, 1920's or so Pure Oil gas station with owners that want to do it and the area justice by restoring it to its former glory.  My heart pounded out of my chest after meeting with the architect as he described the possible.  This building has solidified our brand as The Cheese Cottage.  There is no other location that could showcase our offerings any better!  REAL.

As the building comes back to life, the details are becoming clearer.  The outdoor area will be beautiful, with a pergola and available seating for you to enjoy any of our cheeseboards or sandwiches.  The interior will be quaint and appealing, drawing from European inspirations, but ensuring the southern twist is evident.  The framed window cutout in the original brick wall will provide a view of the aged wheels of cheese and cured meats, cut to order.  Nothing is prettier than a wheel of cheese.  REAL.

The meetings, conference calls, and emails have begun, ensuring our sources of cheese and accompaniments are lined up, ready to support the Mobile market.  I cannot believe how excited the dairies and creameries are about introducing us to their products.  Our road trip is being planned for May or June where we will visit numerous cheese makers in Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee and Mississippi.  How can we sell cheese if we don't know where it comes from?  

After learning all we can, we hope to impart some of this learning to you, our customers.  Tastings will be offered each and every minute the store is open, no need to wait.  These tastings, much like wine tastings, will allow you to smell, touch, taste, and learn about our cheeses.  We will also be offering after hours classes, proving an opportunity for an even more indepth discussion on cheese and pairings.  Again, REAL.

Lastly, we are immersing ourselves in the community.  Our location won't be open until August/September, but that doesn't mean we won't be out there. We hope to set up soon at the weekly Farmers's Market every Saturday.  We are signing up for the Grilled Cheese Meltdown being hosted  by the Downtown Mobile Alliance (what better way to introduce our cheese, right?). As other opportunities present, we will be there.  If you see us, please introduce yourselves as we would love to get to know our future neighbors.  

Until the next post, see you REAL soon.



Kristi Barber