Have we lost our minds?

Have we lost our minds?  This is the question we have asked over and over again over the past few months.  Why in the world would anyone ever leave a very successful career, not to mention the security of a guaranteed income, to open - of all things, a cheese shop?  And of all places, Downtown Mobile, Alabama.

These questions have really led me to do some soul searching.  You see, I work hard.  And by hard, I mean, I put 200% into everything I do.  I am told that my mom brought me to a specialist years ago to test me for being exceptionally "bright" (in today's terms - gifted) only to find out that I am of average intelligence.  However, it was observed at the early age of 4 that I was what they called "highly motivated".  This early diagnosis rings true even today. 

My most important job was being mom to three very special sons.  I took this role VERY seriously.  Not only was it my job to help them with their moral foundation, it was my job to make them productive citizens and overall good people.  In everything we took on, from the mundane chore to the most significant event, my husband and I took the opportunity to "teach".  This has resulted in three very competent, warm-hearted, all around contributors to this great world. 

After working for many years, again giving it all I had, my husband and I were in Scotland after being in London for a series of meetings.  I was tired.  He was tired.  But then, a funny thing happened.  We looked around and saw how the community in Edinburg was alive.  It was like a living organism, moving, breathing, growing.  Little shops adorned the squares where young couples had their faces out of their phones and were gazing up at the blue sky while sipping their coffee.  People congregated in the common areas for no other reason than to people watch and visit with each other.  And these were not tourists.  These were residents! 

Then we asked ourselves, what were we passionate about?  Of course FOOD!  But not just any food, CHEESE and everything that goes with it!  We are passionate about Mobile, our hometown.  We are passionate about being a part of our two granddaughter's lives.  We are passionate about supporting local farms and businesses.  So, there, in the square in Edinburgh, Scotland, the idea of The Cheese Cottage was born. 

Would it be difficult?  Of course - I wouldn't have it any other way (remember "highly motivated").  Would it be scary?  You betcha - goodbye nest egg.  Would it be successful?  We hope so or we will die trying.  We will put every bit of our heart and soul into our new baby.  It will be a contributing member of our community, warm-hearted and competent. 

Now, let's get to it. 


Kristi Barber